Ready to take the next step but not sure where to start? I’ve listed my products and services here to help you! You got this, rockstar!


30 Minute Free Consult

I’d love to hear your story. Start here if you’re not sure health coaching, strength coaching or nutrition counseling is something you’re interested in. This appointment is over video chat or phone call.

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Private Movement Coaching:

One on one movement tailored toward your specific needs. Be it, stretching, heavy lifting, HIIT, primal movement or Olympic lifts- nothing is off the table.

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Food and Cooking Classes

On Location Teaching or Training: cooperate training or health counsel as well as on location cooking class or movement class.

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Health Nutrition Counseling

Focusing on primary and secondary foods, we’ll journey into what makes you tick with food, self care, personal relationships, and your relationship with food all while finding accountability through coaching.

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Self Care & Reflection:

One on one self care, love practice, and reflection practices. Here, we will journey through the layers of healing – working toward the goal of becoming your best self!

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Auto-Immune, Gut & Women’s Hormone Help:

Sick and tired of always being sick and tired? Let’s create a gut healing, Libito healing, hormone healing plan just for you! No two plans look alike.

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Ever wanted to start juicing but don’t know where to start?! Girl, I made this just for you! My “Just Juice It’ Ebook has all of the things that you need to know about juicing and it’s benefits!


Kati worked with me for a few months and because of that, she has helped me avoid surgery I was going to need.
She pushes me and never lets me do less than what she knows I’m capable of and I am so much stronger physically and mentally because of that!

It’s not about the $$ for her. She is passionate about helping people and showing them what amazing things their body can do and how to heal it properly!

I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and the knowledge she gave me that I will forever use in my health journey!

– Taylor T

Kati is the absolutely the best! Other then you, no one else cares more about your health journey. I’ve learned so much about how my body works and what it needs to stay healthy from her. I love my workouts there as well. I could go on and on. She has helped me so much and is just amazing!

-Lorene R


Very grateful that I found Kati and #hereIamwithmovement. Kati is such a positive and knowledgeable coach and resource. She listened to the big-picture changes I wanted to make in my life regarding health, nutrition, and fitness and is breaking that down into a plan of action with attainable goals. Always there with great advice, answers to questions and suggestions to keep things moving positively, Kati is making what I thought might be a difficult journey into one that’s actually fun! I have learned so much and love the education, communication, and accountability afforded by her app, FaceBook group and the materials she shares. If you are looking for a positive, fun, personalized coaching experience …. here you go.

-Susan G

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