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Hey there, beautiful!

Hi, I’m kati g! Previously a homeschooling, farm mom. turned health coach, integrative nutrition counselor & certified personal trainer. I am passionate about the body and its ability to heal! When I’m not spending time with my hubs or kids, I’m encouraging women to be their best self! Read more

Here’s My Health Journey:

I just always thought getting “bigger” was a part of getting older. I thought hurting was a part of age— part of being a mom, being a wife, being an “adult” Medication and doctor visits another side effect of “life.”

Hurting when I bent over was natural— not being able to run around was part of it. I thought all those other moms who could run with their kids, have energy, wear shorts or cute dresses- were just “lucky”. You know, THEY were meant to be that way. Not me. I thought being tired, cranky, and unmotivated to change was a part of finally being grown.

I recently found this photo of my oldest daughter and myself. The year was, 2006– I was 23 years old, a mother of two, wife of one, employee, friend, daughter, and all the things.

The one next to it is current day. The story goes, as it always does:

I had been super small growing up, full of energy- so when I was tired and hurting in my 20s, all while parenting and being a wife- I contributed that to my “lot in life”.

Just what happens. I was tired. Moody. Hurting. Overwhelmed. Insecure, and lonely. Then, after two more kids, I was sick and placed on meds. Then. After choosing three more kids, my body was shutting down and they were going to start removing body parts. You know, like my thyroid. I mean, who needs that anyway, right?


Finding real food was my saving grace, yes. But finding movement combined with real food, gifted me strength & changed me. There’s this magical thing that happens when you combine real, healing foods with movement. Your body wakes up. Your heart, mind and soul detox and you start to see the world differently.


Yes. It’s an ugly, hard, truth finding detox. You’ll want to give up. Thinks it’s not worth it. Too hard. Never going to work.

Stay the course.

Big or small, tall or short. It’s not about the reflection of the mirror. It’s about the reflection of your beating heart. Feed yourself good food, seek advice. Listen. Love. Learn. Move with intention. Do hard things. Never stop learning.

Sister, if you are hurting and feeling the tug toward change, listen to your body & what it’s trying to tell you. ✨ You were not meant to be AnYtHinG but what you dream of. That STRONG woman, capable of any storms sent her way, is hiding inside of you.

And i KNOW you can do it.


Let’s do this thing!

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